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  • Price Tag

    Price Tag

    Blozi price tag solution can offer the intelligent price management, as well as auto-replenishment, goods display management, holidays promotion, etc. Besides, it is able to meet the customers needs to design specifically. We are striving to upgrade

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  • Security Product

    Security Product

    Blozi Intelligence is the earliest domestic brand to develop, produce and sell acoustic-magnetic security products. We have four series of products so far, Lijing, Tianqi, Fengshang, Tairui. With its plenty of features, like high quality, stability,

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  • Intelligent Price System

    Intelligent Price System

    Blozi intelligent price system bases on the big data, supported by algorithm, calculation and scenarios. It is an intelligent price tag system targeted for fresh food retail. Relying on big data analyst and artificial intelligent algorithm, the intel

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